April 21, 2014

We've been pretty quiet about the making of the new album but we're ready to come out of hiding and talk about it!

This Saturday we'll be on Rock It Up Radio on CFRE to discuss all things album progress with Mr. Darren Flower! FUN FACT ; Darren saw POLARITY perform their first show ever and in fact, shared the stage with them that fateful night!

Jason, Mike Sitana and Mike Smith will be in studio chatting and at some point in the show Darren will be calling into DNA Recording Facility where Jasmine's spending the day finishing off the Demo vocals.

We're looking forward to catching up POLARITY fans!

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March 27, 2014

Interested in a FREE ACOUSTIC POLARITY SET lit by Candles?

Get at us this Satruday @ Hunters Landing while we play some new Polarity, some Old Polarity and some even older Poalrity!

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Guitar Tab

March 24, 2014

Hey everyone

After many requests for us to tab out our songs, here is the first of many Guitar Tabs to come. Its the song Digital Recluse from our first EP:
Digital Recluse
By POLARITY (C) 2008
Intro (Guitar 1 - Jason)
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March 03, 2014

Artist of the Month with Rockwired Magazine thanks to your votes!!

With our March we're working hard on DEMO's for the new album!

Much love to you all!!


February 04, 2014

Big thanks to BRIAN LUSH of Rockwired Interview for the feature on us.

Check out what he had to say below and click the link to hear an interview Brian did with Jasmine

In the vast wasteland of Alternative Rock you come across thousands of bands that aren't necessarily trying to top one another but are simply holding up what has become a tired genre.
Needless to say that when you happen a upon a band like POLARITY, you want to hold onto them and hope that everybody else in the world will take notice as well.
Hailing from Canada, POLARITY is a five-piece band with a progressive rock approach that boasts key and rhythmic changes, curious and quirky lyrics and  some rather impressive vocal gymnastics from their lead singer JASMINE VIRGINIA.
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Lyrical Content

January 27, 2014

Those of us lucky enough to be born with all our sense in tact have a voice.
Can I ask you a personal question…..what do you use yours for? 
Me...what do I use my voice for? Well it's simple really…. I use my voice as a catalyst for healing. I want to help myself while healing others and I want to help others while healing myself.
I've spent my lifetime developing my voice. Voice lessons as long as I can remember and singing in basements and on stages for the last six years has allowed me to sing with confidence and I want to be able to sing something of value. The tapestry of the human experience is rich and woven with silks of the finest emotions be them perceived as negative or positive it doesn't matter…...
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It's still a Slow Burn...

January 23, 2014

A lot has happened over the last year, and before you start going "Hey Jay, where the hell have you been?" Relax... I'm right here... shhhh.
In all seriousness 2013 had some of the heaviest burdens to carry for myself in many years, it's been harder than ever to fake interest in participating in social media, to put on that fake smile and say "Everything's great" that is, until now. Everything finally IS great. Don't get me wrong, I still despise being trendy and I plan on keeping it that way (except I l0ve Snapchat likeomgkthx) but I do enjoy keeping a connection with the friends and fans that have inspired us and guided us through our difficult but undeniably awesome 5 years as a band. I also find it interesting, that every time things seem incredibly dire to me, somet...
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January 22, 2014

Yo everyone Sitana here! Jasmine and I will be creating a weekly online comic that features some of the band’s biggest highlights from the beginning up until now. Come check out the latest from the “POLARITY CHRONICLES” which will be posted up every Wednesday. Enjoy, share it and spread the word! #POLARITYCHRONICLES #POLARITYmusic #POLARITY #Onlinecomics


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