POLARITY returns to Brampton thi

July 08, 2014

We're hitting up Brampton this Saturday and playing alongside special guests Applied Sciences! 9PM $5 cover 19+! We also got a very special surprise at this upcoming show!

Interview on The Grind July 6th

July 05, 2014

Catch our Guitarist Sitana featured on The Grind PRC show tomorrow night alongside members from fellow bands IVS, Mute and Belvedere!!! 

The Grind Vol. CLXV (165)!
Airs Sun. July 6, 2014! 8:30 PM MDT // 10:30 PM EST
On // Stream or Download via

It's almost my turn...

June 23, 2014

It’s almost my turn……
To bare soul through voice is my main objective when I head into the studio next week to start laying vocals. 
I intend to paint a canvas of lyrics thats rich with the textures of my most heartfelt emotions, my hardest lessons, biggest failures and most beautiful of triumphs.
I aspire to break vocal grounds in the Alt/Prog scene by chiseling a sparkling path becoming not just a strong and feminine female vocalist in a male dominated scene, but by being a vocalist that’s known for her poetic lyrics, honest delivery, vulnerable insecurities and soaring melodic strengths.
My aim is to melt away the illusions of life as I understand them and cut right to the heart wr...
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Words from Eric

June 17, 2014

We've come so far in the last few years and the journey has led to this moment. This latest album embodies everything we've all worked for, everything we've fought for, and everything we've sacrificed so much for. The new Polarity album has pushed us to points of absolute insanity as well to moments of overwhelming joy, because this is our creation, our words and melodies, our stories, our thoughts, our joy and our pain. You Polarity fans are keeping us motivated and hungry to make this the best album we can, and I can assure you all that after each one of us leaves the tracking room, we truly have nothing left in the tank; physically and emotionally. We can't wait to share this new creation with you all! We know it has been a long process but w...
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New POLARITY Mini Doc is now up!

May 22, 2014

We've spent the better part of a year and a half writing a full length album. It's been an endeavour that we as a band have wanted to take on since our incarnation back in 2008. The time finally came when at the end of 2013 we decided 2014was our year of focused and dedicated writing. We're now in the process of recording twelve songs.

With this mini doc, we invite you to be a fly on the wall as we create our new album alongside producer/engineer Chris Creglia and Grammy winning producer David Bottrill.

All music heard throughout the doc are demo's of our tunes off the upcoming album which has been written and composed by us. 

Being a completely independent band we continue to produce content independently a...
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Toronto Show June 7th!

May 21, 2014

Hey all,
We're excited to be playing Toronto again in June! Come on out and see us live and supporting the EP release for our friends in The Reed Effect! This will be a good time to come see us play some new stuff from our upcoming album in anticipation before our eventual release. Come and celebrate the coming Summer season with us!


April 21, 2014

We've been pretty quiet about the making of the new album but we're ready to come out of hiding and talk about it!

This Saturday we'll be on Rock It Up Radio on CFRE to discuss all things album progress with Mr. Darren Flower! FUN FACT ; Darren saw POLARITY perform their first show ever and in fact, shared the stage with them that fateful night!

Jason, Mike Sitana and Mike Smith will be in studio chatting and at some point in the show Darren will be calling into DNA Recording Facility where Jasmine's spending the day finishing off the Demo vocals.

We're looking forward to catching up POLARITY fans!

Click poster for details!


March 27, 2014

Interested in a FREE ACOUSTIC POLARITY SET lit by Candles?

Get at us this Satruday @ Hunters Landing while we play some new Polarity, some Old Polarity and some even older Poalrity!

Click Poster for details!


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